Family House Near Jiesia - by Bureau G. Natkevicius & Partners

Family House Near Jiesia / Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners

IKEA Metod Veddinge grey cabinet doors - with brass door knobs

Ikea Metod Veddinge grey cabinet doors with brass door knobs. Wish this is available in North America.

Color Scheme - by LADY Balance Färgkarta / Jotun Sverige

LADY Balance Färgkarta

LADY Balance Färgkarta by Jotun Sverige AB Sjösmaragd Färgkarta - övervång?


PIN Linoleum is used here in both the kitchen cabinetry and the floor, making this a classic, modern, affordable kitchen space.


Industrial decor style is perfect for any interior. An industrial kitchen is always a good idea. Love these lights!

Kitchen - by Reform

Reform Basis 01 kitchen in a mint green color, and handles and table top in natural oak on IKEA elements (Top Design)