Egitto - Piramidi Giza

One day I will ride a camel to visit the pyramids in Egypt. On my list of places to go!

Castello di Sammezzano

Castello di Sammezzano - in Leccio-Reggello,near Florence, Tuscany, Italia. Abandoned castle with one of the widest park in Italy and giant sequoias.

Isola di Pasqua

Airline Travel Lingo Does The Language Need An Interpreter

Musandam - Oman

Raz Al Jinz.Saw Turtles nesting here in recommended

Chefchaouen - Marocco

Portami via: Chefchaouen, la città blu del Marocco.

Amazing photos collection of Blue Town Walls Chefchaouen Morocco. Inside the medina many of the streets, walls and doors are covered with blue.

Vaadhoo Island - Maldives

The bioluminescent waves of Vaadhoo Island. Doug Perrine, a marine biology photographer, has captured stunning images of bioluminescent waves, in Vaadhoo Island, Maldives. The spot holds a.


VIACHESLAV SMILYK, Trained Golden Eagle This photo was taken in October 2007 in west Mongolia. The golden eagle flies on call of the hunter.

Piazza Rossa - Mosca

Moscow’s snowy Red Square transforms into a wild party as thousands brave the cold—with the help of vodka. Famous landmarks like the Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral are illuminated by a blaze of fireworks.

Namibia - Deadvlei

Dead Vlei in Namibia by Paul van Schalkwyk


Clima: foresta Amazzonica mostra primi segnali di degrado