Lego letters

Could also be used in a spelling center.Lego-out the words. Lego learning games - exploring Lego and play dough. This is a great activity for sensory play, imaginative play, letter recognition and sight words.

Pinning with Purpose: B is for Blueberry Preschool Lesson

B is for ball (of playdough).Creating letter B with play dough activity for preschoolers and toddlers - fine motor skill practice:: pinningwithpurpose.

Pin-Straws and Pom Poms Math Counting Game for Preschoolers

Straw and Pom Poms Counting Game bild filnamn-19b27b96f8e6c68889d23b164105a8da545bbe4c5a99e.jpg version-487c3f785e4cdc0d881f58b1717dbfe2 bild filnamn-19b27b96f8e6c68889d23b164105a8da545bbe4c5a99e.jpg version-487c3f785e4cdc0d881f58b1717dbfe2

Pull a magnetic letter out a a bag and use a bingo marker to mark it off your sheet - modify to use with sight words! by mona

Pull a magnetic letter out a a bag and use a bingo marker to mark it off your sheet. Or pull out the capital letter and they have to mark the lowercase on the sheet. OR give a word and the have to mark the beginning letter sound. bild filnamn-6cd106530217f06d93e5515191781349545bbe200cb5d.jpg version-177473b16f0fa5200ecdb12b2ba9830e bild filnamn-6cd106530217f06d93e5515191781349545bbe200cb5d.jpg version-177473b16f0fa5200ecdb12b2ba9830e

Min blogg om allt mellan himmel och jord: Montessorimaterial: parövning icke ljudenliga ord .. med bokstavs tvättklämmor.

Montessorimaterial: parövning icke ljudenliga ord med bokstavsklämmor

Mariaslekrum - Sammansatta ord

Mariaslekrum - Sammansatta ord

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Key Stage 1 provision Year 1 Phonics challenge based on Obb and Bob (phonics play). Was further differentiated with different coloured words for different groups of children.

Très bonne idée !

Draw a letter on a pin board and have children push the pins in correct order to form the letters. (Could write numbers and even draw arrows to show letter formation sequence.) Great for fine motor skill development and letter formation and recognition