Could be used as one large icon on a cover or something with little copy

I love the simple geometric shapes used to create the whole picture. Very nice pattern used for the diamond things on the pineapple.

Start flat end depthy


This Vector Graphics Toolkit is a Must-Have for Every Designer

This Vector Graphics Toolkit is a Must-Have for Every Designer More Mais


Great use of textures in this ice cream love workshop digital poster, designed by She is Visual Pirater compte Facebook - Software hack Facebook account LOGICIEL GRATUIT - FREE DOWNLOAD

I like the use of color & the way the detailed imagery is sometimes only seen on part of the work.

10 Lessons For Young Designers

by ipseity creative

Official 2015 Festival Poster

Official 2015 Festival Poster

The Official 2015 Sundance Film Festival Poster features the white eclipse image with a multi-colored halo. wide by tall.

CycleByCycle. What's your favorite? (More design inspiration at

'CycleByCycle' is a wonderfully illustrated One Pager exploring different bicycles and their cultures. Nice touch with the spinning wheel animation as the new bikes load and the overall tone within the big typography is great fun

Commuters 1 by Sukanto Debnath!

Commuters 1 by Sukanto Debnath! // it's a spring break goal to take each of these groups and write character frames for each of them. Then maybe one might turn into a good protagonist:)

X__X : Photo

trnscndnt: “ The Info Vlad Tretiak ”

New Work Green & The Grain

New Work Green & The Grain branding.


Satori Analytics Agency Branding on Behance

This designer did a good job creating perspective by through value and scale. The placement of the word within the perspective is what allowed the word to be self-referential.

Your daily dose of inspiration.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – LOGO – thirty-four logos that will make you smile, funny, ironic, clever logo designs, edge logo.

OLIVIA Bistro Urbano by Bunker3022 studio

OLIVIA Bistro Urbano by studio - Tap on the link and check out my store and keep up to date with the latest must-haves at no bullshit prices! We specialize in sourcing high-quality products and zero shipping costs so you know who to trust.

Cosmetics Brand Visual Identity & Packaging Design

Pomme Cosmetics Packaging by Katrina Radic on Behance Fivestar Branding – Design and Branding Agency & Inspiration Gallery