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The Best Harry Potter Buzz of 2010

A Graphical Representation of the Reader's Level of Excitement as a Function of Harry Potter Book Completion.So True

Each tab is when a character dies

Each tab marks a death of a character. Book 7 was rough :( More than this if you count all the unnamed deaths in the Battle of Hogwarts

I must disagree on the "fact" about the dementors. On page chapter one of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Fudge states "That's right. And they're [the dementors] breeding. That's what's causing all the mist.

Aunt Petunia

In Petunia's mind, "that awful boy" killed her sister. She didn't hate him because he was a wizard but because in her mind he took from her her only sister. Petunia loved Lily, no matter what she feigned.