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Learning Korean Mehr

Do you want to Fancy Lock page for learning Korean? Here is Korean alphabet Consonant pic! Feel Free to use it!

Infographic: Feelings and Emotions in Korean Part 2

[K-EDUCATION] LEARN KOREAN Check out the picture below to learn how to say different types of feelings and emotions in Korean. In korean, "yo" is being used if you're having a conversation to the one that is older than you.


Top 25 Useful Korean Phrases Are you a Korean learner? Or are you planning to visit Korea? Well, then these 25 Korean phrases are the ones you MUST learn. They are the most useful and basic phrases.

Know your colors in Korean

Know your colors in Korean (Now I know why Koreans always say "red colour" and "blue colour" instead of just "red" and "blue".

Learning Korean

of course i dont know all of them, but they are all used and written differently depending on the sentence fragemnt like "didnt" or "dont" mean the same thing but different tense

How to combine consonants and vowels to form simple syllables in Hangul (Korean).

Korean Alphabet - Hangul (한글) After memorizing 14 consonants and 10 vowels, you will be able to write your name in hangul :) It’s that easy! If you find this image hard to understand, you should check.