Macetero de cemento POTPOT by KONSTANTIN SLAWINSKI | diseño Fries


Compra en línea Potpot By konstantin slawinski, macetero de cemento diseño Fries & Zumbühl

betong ute och inne

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Use childrens old rubberboots as model to make these beton boots for candles.

Värmeljusstake i betong från Epidemi

Värmeljusstake i betong från Epidemi (candels holders)

Concrete Ashtray by GorjupDesign on Industrial Design Served

A concrete ashtray built completely by Gorjup Design, starting with idea over model , print and silicone mold to final product casted from concrete l.

Soap Holder - Keeps the soap from getting soggy and melting because it's sitting in water

Product/Industrial Design Inspiration

Bathroom accessories: Soap Dish that drains water. No more soggy soap!

Icosahedron Flat Mold Reusable Mold Sizes S-XXL by BoldPrints

Listing is for one SILICONE Mold set. Silicone molds last longer, are easier to clean, dont leave parting lines, and have a much smoother surface

Candle holder // concrete

Concrete Copy Candle Holder Set // 4 Pieces By Barth Vrijling & Michiel Geluk