So doing this !!!!!  Take an old lotion bottle (this is a Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo bottle) and cut it to fit around an outlet and plug.  Select some fabric and Mod Podge it on.  Instant electronic device holder, clear counters!

This is something to try! It is a DIY cellphone charger thing. Super cool, Your phone wont get sat on, and adds some style! Made with a lotion bottle. (Who said this had to be for a college dorm room?

A DIY discarded bench makeover. (via todaysnest)

Roping In Style: Discard Bench Makeover

Roping In Style: Discard Bench Makeover. Great idea for metal chair in yard.

Cover a flat cookie sheet ($1 store!) with fabric and get an instant magnet board.  LOVE this!

Fabric-covered cookie sheet makes an ingenious magnetic board. - I've always just used patterned paper to cover cookie sheets, never thought of fabric.