reclaimed wood wall. bedroom. wall sconces. modern rustic.

barn beauty

Reclaimed Wood Wall Feature Turn a basic modern bedroom into something unique and unforgettable. Install reclaimed wood pallets into one wall and maybe on the bed frame too.

The words you speak become the house you live in. -- Hafiz You can set the mood and tone of your house - is it a safe haven and a comfort, or is it a stress and a hinderance?

Ceiling, Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara, Turkey | Frank Kovalchek

Okay, we have no plans to visit Ankara on our trip. But this ceiling is just too awesome. Ceiling, Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara, Turkey


Nature's Artwork - multicoloured shells - natural pattern texture source for sea-inspired design;

Office supplies

East of India Office Supplies - love love love them all but especially the twine holder with black twine

Books (Kenneth Josephson)

Books photography art BW BN balck and white photo picture by Kenneth Josephson: Untitled - from the series Books, 1988 (Yancey Richardson Gallery)


50 shades of grey fabric. French century dyed linen and hemp sheets from Altes Bauernleinen.

Round concrete container

Round concrete container I see these done DIY as outdoor tabletops with storage!


The Oregon Zoo's effort to save the endangered Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit will draw to a close on Thursday, July when the zoo releases its last 14 breeding rabbits and their offspring at the Sagebrush Flat Wildlife Area in eastern Washington.

A few weeks ago I went to visit an old friend in his amazing studio space and once again became obsessed with someday having an atelier to .

Green glass

Bring the outdoors in with green leafy plants and glass. Tina Hellberg created Green Interiors with Idha Lindhag for Elle Interiör.