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My heart is for Molly, so I guess that's called Sherlolly. I'm curious to see which one you prefer.>>>>> I like both, but Sherlolly is my favorite.

Who wouldn't want Misha to come back?????

They did hurt a puppy. His Misha! I always picture Misha in puppy form as this really adorable fluffy small Malamute for some reason. << Why wouldn't they want Misha to come back! He is just as amazing as Jensen and Jared!

And Cass just like: weeeell...

"The only reason Crowley has made it to season 8 is because he's the only being that has never underestimated the Winchesters" -- Supernatural XD "Denim-wrapped nightmares"

I'm actually a Sherlockian first and foremost but Supernatural will always win the GIF war <-- agreed! << i love both shows, but there is no winning the supernatural fandom in a gif war!