Classic and delicate interior - via

Classic and delicate interior

I love the cozy and classic look of this apartment. The old fireplace in the kitchen and the classic chandeliers are combined with warm an cozy textures which makes this place very inviting. I like the color of the wood … Continue reading →


I really like grey as a wall color. Grey goes with everything and is just a great color in general. My favorite shade of grey is third column third row

T.D.C | Styling by Lotta Agaton and photography by Kristoffer Johnsson for Residence magazine

The Beautiful Home of Nadja Mini Helminen (The Design Chaser)

string—maria ordenes

When teaching set design at Beckmans College of design in Stockholm, String Furniture's set designer Lotta Agaton gave her students the assignment to style a String Pocket. This is the work of Maria Ordenes.

Lotta Agaton’s New Gray Home

Lotta Agaton’s New Gray Home (Ems Designblogg)

One shelf - styled 22 ways! Students of Lotta Agaton.

7 Simple Ways to Renovate Your Rental’s Bathroom

String shelving on the bathroom wall can give place to some small items , Inspiration for your bathroom