This isn't Hetalia but I don't really care at this point in life.

Violent decimation is the best known technique for proper garden care

Walking the thin line

Walking the thin line. Norwegians would mever wait. They walk even when there's a car coming or a bike.


I'm not so scared at him I mean who should not want macaroons in the face?

but Estonia is a Nordic country, not a Baltic one!

but Estonia is a Nordic country, not a Baltic one!<<< W) Vrong

No Buzzfeed - HERE are 24 reasons why living in Sweden will ruin you for life

This is the different between Sweden in color and in black-and-white filter. Weird that people get depressed.

Oi maamme Suomi...

Webcomic: Finland already thinks it’s bad enough to have Sweden’s child hanging around all the time.

Yup, sauna is awesome

Sauna Time by Scandinavia and the world. Slap yourself with birch twigs. Jump in the snow.

When me and my friend both spots a yellow car at the same time I'm giving her this *look*...and then she is running couse she know that she is going to get fucked!

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Though drinking in the back if the truck is not allowed anymore it is true

Meanwhile in Sweden!

Funny pictures about Graduation In Sweden. Oh, and cool pics about Graduation In Sweden. Also, Graduation In Sweden photos.