Hard boiled eggs

This is how I do hardboiled eggs now-- I do half/whole carton and kyle and I eat them throughout the week-- for breakfast, post-workouts, on top of salads, or egg-salad sandwiches, etc. I'd go for min though. Hard boiled eggs in muffin tins with oven

Bake eggs instead of boiling them 325 degrees 30 min

Baked Hard-Cooking Eggs - Who knew? Alton Brown Method of Hard-Cooking Eggs - 325 degrees for 30 minutes. Post says "Baked eggs are better because they are less sulfurous (smelly) and the texture of the finished eggs is creamier.

Ernst härliga frukostmüsli (kock Ernst Kirchsteiger)

Ernst härliga frukostmüsli

Risgrynsgröt - Recept

Risgrynsgröt - Recept


Back to school – Ladda frysen och skafferiet med en massa enkel vardagsmat!

Oven baked Porridge with Quark and Berries

Oven baked Porridge with Quark and Berries (Hovkonditorn)

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