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[Health] Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs->>> know the difference! this is important to me, because i have hypoglycemic symptoms, so i need to eat lots of GOOD carbs, and a ton of protein!

A one-year bucket list that's doable -- put it in front to see it frequently & stay motivated #journal More

100 Best Quotes in My Notebook

I've never had a new year resolution, but this year I am! New Year resolutions 2014 - link is broken but good inspiration to make your own list.

Ibland så! Haha

These sarcasm jokes are hilarious

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Strength: A strong woman is able to smile this morning like she wasn't crying last night

Love this!

But save yourself from the bad meals. Its more addictive to eat unhealthy than it is to eat healthy. You're not a DOG don't treat yourself to a "cheat day". Just don't eat it.

#0818 because I want to get to the point where working out isn't just for fitness, it's my way of life

Reasons to be Fit Because I want to get to the point where working out isn't just for fitness, it's my way of life.

Add some jumping to your workout to burn even more calories while building muscle. That's why we love plyometrics.

Bikini Prep: Burn fat, build muscle - Plyo workout When I cant get to the gym for piyo.

You got it.

She Works: Her Money

One pinner said: "Hopefully . W a very close friend of my fathers that became my moms rock dying in ICU of very similar complications to my father I am not sure. So painful to re live. And with myself being constantly sick I feel defeated"

I love this! Take the focus off of running faster than everyone else and put the focus on the fact that you laced up the shoes in the first place!

Celebrate finish lines, not finish times. I MUST remember this!

The principle of getting stronger. Do something until it hurts every time. Every time, the previous limit will hurt less. That is how one becomes stronger. I need to remember this.

Playlist: Music To Run To

Jam to these tunes on your next run! Check out this running playlist. jugging from her make up i don't think she is a runner. oh air brush

När man väl bestämt sig.....

De kan du ta me fan skriva upp!

cardio. Number one rule

Number one reason!) One day I will beat my husband/best running buddy ever!

Summer is time to say yes to all the little habits that make us healthier and happier. Beyond workouts, it’s about eating better, playing more and being positive. It’s the perfect time to open up to fitness for the body and mind.

I said NO to latte and donuts today, so this is a nice reminder of all the things I can say YES to!