lol @Joanne Miller

Meanwhile, in Sweden…

Funny pet picture and cats dancing photo. Humorous felines on the dance floor on their hind legs in this hilarious kitty pic and animal comedy image.

I'm Swedish and I'm a little offended..... if someone bumps in to me I just say "Men de vad då de själva faan. Vad i helvete göra du din jävla fitta!" Hahhahhahha lol

A lesson in Swedish. This is from the book: Sweden - The Secret Files by Communications expert Colin Moon. So true!

Helloo forget bout shooting elk iam a country girl who HATES spiders n il SHOOT SPIDERS nstead of yellin at my bro to cum kill it! Is ther such thing as a spider gun id wear it EVERYWERE? Hey Lee n Becca we all need spider killing pistols lol

Favourite Swedish Words | Danielsson Education

Lagom - Do you have a translation for this word in your first language?