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Scissor Skills Crash Course (with Gift Wrap!)

Scissor skills activities for kids. These are developmental ways to practice scissor skills and teaching kids to cut on the lines. Also, all of the skill areas needed in order for kids to accurately cut lines and shapes.

Gym Games - Catch Me If You Can

P.E. Games - Team Memory - YouTube

With the 4th and 5th grade students of Grandview Elementary, we enjoy trying different games during our gym time during the after school...

10 Fun Tag Games for Kids

Fun tag games for kids. Chase games are great no equipment needed games!

Beautiful Salt + Watercolor Winter Snowflake Art Project for Kids!

Winter just wouldn't be the same without at least one snowflake art project! Check out this gorgeous salt + watercolor snowflakes project put together by Kathy Barbro over at Art Projects for Kids!...

Nerves of Steel...great activity to get the kids to line up quietly!

Nerves of Steel.AVI - YouTube

A great fast paced game that infuses two levels of competition, running and throwing. Students are split into teams. Team members are number...

Mine Field or Land Mines - YouTube