Materials: Stolmen, Lack, Fyndig Description: We wanted a bed with a lot of storage. We achieve it with : - STOLMEN cm - STOLMEN (Diy Storage)

Vackra fönsterpartier

Create a lazy susan to use the space which you have. You could also maximize floor space by buying taller furniture, instead of wide, low-to-the-ground alternatives.

Grått - igen!

Choose a couple of choice elements you adore, instead of cluttering the room with each piece you want. It only has one room and it isn’t a really large one either therefore it would have been quite hard to divide… Continue Reading →

Something From Nothing — Decorating With Craigslist's Free Section Pt. 5/5

Something From Nothing

On our last day of "Free Craigslist Scavenging" we decided to go with the motto, "Go big or go home." So instead of transforming two items into something different we are combining two items into the coolest thing we could think of

Well Decorated Small Apartment

Well Decorated Small Apartment (design attractor)

It is perfectly balanced and decorated considering its small size. I like the combination of the white floor with black furniture and nice color accents created by art and pill