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Sodankylän / Vuotson puku | Sámi Duodji ry

Saamelaisen käsityön ja tekijöiden puolesta jo 1975 lähtien

Lavvu is a temporary dwelling used by the Sami people of northern Scandinavia. About Sami live in Sweden – with their own cultural heritage, language, flag and parliament. Photo by; We Are The World, People Around The World, Around The Worlds, Saint Marin, Alaska, Umea, Scandinavian Countries, Lappland, Arctic Circle

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Backpacking is a popular way to enjoy nature, exercise and get fresh air. Unfortunately though, not all backpackers are adequately prepared when they hit the trails. Don't make the common mistakes that can leave you cold, hungry, wet or lost. Be safe and...

A changing climate and developing industry threaten traditional Sami lifestyles. This is a typical Sami family in their regional costumes North Pole Expedition, Norwegian People, Kola Peninsula, Lappland, We Are The World, Folk Costume, Second World, People Around The World, Traditional Dresses

Threat to life on Arctic frontline

The traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle of the Sami people is under increasing pressure from the modern world.

172 Sami Duodji - Marja Påve Folk Costume, Costumes, Danish Modern Furniture, Lappland, Larp, Arctic, Finland, Norway, Scandinavian

172 Sami Duodji - Marja Påve

Killingpäls med bälte. Jokkmokk - Ájtte - ”Nya samiska slöjdare”. Elever från slöjdutbildningen på Samernas utbildningscentrum ställer ut. 2012

Sámi boys from Inari Folk Costume, Costumes, Sons Of Norway, Kola Peninsula, Lappland, Country Dresses, Samar, People Photography, Traditional Dresses

Jon-Erik ja Ole-Juhan, Sámi boys from Inari, Enontekiö region clothes - Inarin saamelaispojat, Enontekiön puvut, pohjois-suomi

Hello all, Today I will do an overview of the costumes of the Saami people. Previously they were called Lapps, but this is not wh. Queer Fashion, Dark Fashion, Costumes Around The World, Ethnic Outfits, Doll Costume, Thrift Fashion, Clothes Horse, Alternative Fashion, Sustainable Fashion


Hello all, Today I would like to talk about Western Armenian costume from around Lake Van. In old Armenia, the area adjoining the western shore of the lake was the province of Turuberan, and the area east of the lake was the province of Vaspurakan. The image above is of the Armenian singer Sirusho, who is wearing a headdress and jewelry from Vaspurakan. [The red lace top is not traditional.] The study of Western Armenian costume is made difficult by the genocide and expulsion of Christians…

Best of Norway - Places to Visit and Things. From wildlife watching to dog-sledding, from Oslo to Svalbard, here are the essential things to see and do. Daughters Day, Folk Clothing, Lappland, Human Soul, Samara, People Of The World, Happy Mothers Day, Costume Design, Sweden

Helse- og oppvekstfag Vg1 - Samisk kultur - NDLA

Samisk kultur er en del av norsk kultur, men også en egen, mangfoldig kultur. Samene er en av minoritetene i Norge, men i en særstilling som urbefolkning.