Super easy to DIY for the holidays, also a technique simple enought for your to adorn candles and create a unique centerpieces for your wedding or party. Fresh olive leaves tied with ribbon


Swedish Christmas decoration - maybe the flower pot candles. This would be pretty on an old window. make a small shelf in front and adhere the pots to it.

Christmas Tree Cupcake with Strawberry in the middle

Erica Sweet Tooth website shares how to make these amazingly festive Christmas Tree Strawberry Brownie Cupcake Recipe. This recipe is a delightful contrast

Christmas Candles.  repurposed wine bottles with stars, greenery and candles

Candles and stars cute beginning to an idea for centerpieces, either put in middle of table or place on a mirror. then use old bottle as shown i would then add votive candles all around these. this w (Old Bottle Centerpieces)

Wyposażenie, pomysł na... świece - pomysł na... świece

Decorated glass candle holder How-To ~ Need some holiday decor in a hurry? Turn your candle glass holder into something special this holiday season with this quick and easy idea. love this idea!