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stylishblogger: I have an obsession with silk pajamas sets....

I have an obsession with silk pajamas sets. Can’t wait to sleep in these new beauties tonight (they’re also currently half off)

No one is you and that is your power.

When life gets tough, your self-esteem usually takes the brunt of it. They say that having good self-esteem is the key to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Good morning! I Love YOU!! I hope U had a good night & slept well! I missed YOU!! Missed kissing YOU good night..missed looking into your eyes..missed holding you tight....YOU...there's just no one like YOU!!!!!!***

Good morning beautiful I love you. I miss seeing your beautiful face. I miss your voice I miss your touch. Most of all I miss kissing and caressing your body. I wish I could hold you close. You're amazingly beautiful I love you - April