Moomin, gingerbread house

my dream baked gift for christmas Piparkakkutalon ohje: Muumitalo – Kotiliesi / Moomin gingerbread house

Moomin gingerbread house Christmas - This is TOO exciting!

Moomin gingerbread house with Hattifatteners! Keep going higher and it can be turned into a lighthouse!

Moomins in love!

This is my daughter’s birthday cake. She loves Moomins for some reason! She has a cup which was the inspiration behind this cake, the designs are handpainted and the flower is made out of wafe.

Moomin birthday cake ^_^

My Moomins, Birthday Moomin cake all hand made by me :) (leaving the comment so she gets credit, I think its very cute)

Moomin house

Moomin house