Love this idea for an entrance Pots seem under scale but love the broad stone slabs Project - Warren House - mcgarry-moon architects

træterrasse i flere niveauer

træterrasse i flere niveauer design dine egne hynder og få dem lavet hos os www.

small garden

Textural contrast: slick white wall juxtaposed with a rough stone wall with small leaved green wall, natural perennials and natural wood table.

Corten steel raised beds, Wyatt Studio for Surface Design Inc

Low boundary wall (fog proof) with fencing above. Corten steel raised beds, Wyatt Studio for Surface Design Inc

Snygg kombo - lavendel och silverpäron

Snygg kombo - lavendel och silverpäron (Almbacken)

Almbacken: Stylish combo - lavender and silver pear The silver trees are Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula'

Dutchmans pipe - An adaptable vine, Dutchmans pipe seems to thrive just about everywhere -- from sun to shade. It creates a rich curtain of big (to 10 inches wide), heart-shape leaves that usually hide the fragrant summertime flowers. The vine is native to areas of North America and it is a host plant for the pipevine swallowtail butterfly. Its rarely bothered by pests, making it an ideal choice for creating privacy.

The Best Perennial Vines for Your Garden

Dutchmans Pipe - Aristolochia macrophylla - vine grows heart-shaped leaves up to wide. Grows well in both sun and shade. Size: Climbs to 30 feet - Zones: -