Dry Ice Bubbles - Educational Activities for Kids

15 Fun and Educational Activities for Kids

This site has some good ideas for learning about the heart

Human Body: Learning About the Heart

Human Body: Learning About the Heart Evaluate students learning about blood flow away from the heart and to the heart using blue and red yarn

5 ways to creatively teach science <-- Wow, I want to try all these ideas eventually!

Pink and Green Mama: * Life-Sized Body Map Kids Art Project- Maybe we'll do this but instead of the anatomy lesson- we'll just color in our clothes and stuff

Solar System fruit plate. So cute!

You know those solar system dioramas we had to make in elementary school? How perfect would this have been for training. Make a solar system snack HERE at Creative Kid Snacks.

Learn about the heart by creating an inflatable 'model'

Learn About the Heart {Simple Anatomy Craft}

Kids can learn about the heart in this simple heart anatomy craft that looks at the anatomy and function of this vital organ.

Bird beak adaptations by L. Shyamal

Feeding adaptations in beaks. When identifying a mystery bird, the shape of the beak will tell you a lot about it’s lifestyle. Looking at the conformation of the body and the shape of the wings