Propagate Basil for Pennies! | via @Chris Cote @ The Café Sucré Farine

How to Propagate Basil from Cuttings

I love growing herbs! Propagating basil is really just as simple as cutting, stripping the lower leaves and keeping it in a water for a few weeks. Voila, a ready to plant basil and the mother plant will usually benefit from the trim.

How to Make a DIY Terrarium

How to Make a Terrarium. A terrarium is a miniature indoor garden inside a glass container. The plants are low maintenance and are perfect for people who don't have a green thumb or who don't have time to care for a garden. You can place a.

Avec des coquillages et des plantes grasses

Welcome to the diy garden page dear DIY lovers. If your interest in diy garden projects, you’are in the right place. Creating an inviting outdoor space is a good idea and there are many DIY projects everyone can do easily.

DIY Terrarium

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DIY: slouchy leather sling planters

Slouchy Leather Sling Planter