vegetable dye recipes

How To Make Vegetable Dye

How to dye self striping (space dyed) yarn

How To Make Self Striping Yarn

Tutorial For Creating Self Striping Yarn! Also wrapping tutorial for Noro style striping. It's great to understand how your yarn stripes if you knit larger, non-sock projects.

Make a drum carder

DIY instructions to build your own minimalist carding drum! Not a full carder, but halfway between hand cards and a drum carder. // Spinning Forth - Minimalist Carder

hand dyed and spun yarn

daintyloops: “ Hand dyed and spun yarn (by dytay) ”

This is stunning, but what to knit from it?

Cirrus handspun beehive art yarn - 115 Yards by bluecocoonyarn on Etsy