The Design Chaser: String Shelf, grey wall + linen bedding

The Design Chaser: String Shelf, grey wall + linen bedding If i ever have to lose my desk this would be fine on the vanity wall - en av Sveriges största inredningsbloggar

Tile stoves were first designed in Sweden in the century in response to a shortage of wood suitable for burning. With a heat-retaining cast iron core

pigment wallpaper, borås tapeter

Graue Wandfarbe

Boråstapeter, has recently launched a series of single-coloured wallpapers with a natural, matte finishing, named PIGMENT.

Mild skön färgsättning i sovrum. Vägg målad med Beckers Natursten 534 och golvplanken i Lamull 504. Sänggaveln en målad IKEA Brimnes?

If you have a small bedroom it doesn't mean that you can't give rein to your imagination and create an astoni.

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In this series we showcase inspirational office workspaces to help you design your own office. This series is meant to help you enhance your own workspace by

Veckans färgsättning

Veckans färgsättning (Add simplicity)

Have textured surfaces wherever you can to complement modern smooth surfaces. You can look for interesting monochromatic textured vases, pottery and even furniture. Image: New Kaza Concrete three-dimensional tile collection