Forced Bulbs - so pretty displayed with moss and rocks

Just need some bulbs to plant, I have the rest! “Plant bulbs snugly in about of river rock gravel. Add moss, if desired. Water carefully so that water barely touches the base of the bulbs. Place near a sunny window.

You will need : Paperwhites bulbs. a glass jar white pebbles water In a glass jar, make a bed of pebbles or glass beads. Orient each bulb with its flat side down and position it atop the pebbles bed. After each bulb has been seated, fill the spaces between the bulbs with more pebbles. Fill…

Forcing Paperwhites Bulbs in Water

Bulbi Forcing Paperwhites bulbs in water, love how they use white fish tank gravel, hides the white roots.


idée de déco - Paques - Leuk idee voor Pasen For the table lovely to sit in the garden with easter time Amaryllis i hög glasvas med mossa, ekollon och kottar Amaryllis i hög glasvas med mossa, ekollon och kottar

Køb blomster, køb blomster....

Køb blomster, køb blomster.... (LEI LIVING)

Growing narcissus in water

Most bulbs will do well if grown in potting mix. Always start with clean pots and fresh mix. Step In autumn, purchase bulbs fro.