Gold Dipped Feathers. No idea what I'd use these for but they're bitchin so I had to pin it

DIY Gold and Glitter Dipped Feathers

poppy, pale pink + gold.

Sarah Dickerson's Home Office Tour

Sticks and Colors

color swatches for portfolio idea.wrap the colored thread or embroidery thread/ yarn around sticks

simple brown paper with a cord

I love simple wrapping and usually use butcher paper or shipping paper and a little natural twine or baker's string as a tie. I love the added touch here of using a label maker to create a simple name tag. Gonna borrow this idea for sure!

artwork by François Henri Galland

François Henri Galland

comments from kim: colors are a bit too muted but like the watercolor and the couple kissing: artwork by François Henri Galland Watercolor is abstractly beautiful when it allows ones eyes to use imagination

DIY Lighting

DIY Lighting ~ "In the top half section is what people made; in the bottom half is what I made.

Natural fabric dyes.

Twenty-first Century Lady: Natural Fabric Dyes. Wonder how to get them not to bleed the color dyes into other fabrics though.

A little stamped pouch!

Beautiful Ways to Repurpose Old Books

Create gift bags from old book pages. Stamp a bird design on an old book page which has been cut 1 to 2 inches shorter than a second page. Sew or glue edges together. Secure with a brad or decorative button and small Velcro dots.