Soft and sumptuous Beetle chairs create a marvellous dining table scenario! Photo via

A rich grey space is a must. My great grandmother had a grey house that may become an influence.

I think it looks really modern when everything, floor to ceiling, is painted the same color and the same finish. It makes the light play on the molding lines in such a pretty way.

Under min bloggrunda igår snubblade jag över de här finfina bilderna (tipstack till Allan ) som är tagna hemma hos designern designern Louise Liljencrantz. Ett ögonbedövande finstämt inrett hem med…

Soft, quiet, gray on grey bedroom. The Home of Interior Designer Louise Liljencrantz Interiors est living

A separate bedroom is created with a half glass partition that lets light through and by combining the living room and kitchen, the place looks relatively … Continue reading →

Novel Howard Sofa Teal Ashes

Clean design with a modern interpretation of a classical Howard design. The sofa is incredibly inviting with its deep seat combined with a contemporary look.

Hemma hos Layereds grundare | Alva Fierro

Hemma hos Layereds grundare | Alva Fierro