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Student Competitions
Stockholm, Sweden / We are the world's premier portal of competitions for students and young professionals, striving to connect talents with global opportunities.
Student Competitions
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The Gothenburg Challenge - Winners Announcement

The Gothenburg Challenge - Winners Announcement

Colombian student wins travel grant to Sweden

December 2014 Stockholm, Sweden - The winner of Sweden-Colombia Challenge 2015 has been announced and awarded.

Still Looking for that Dream Job? Here are Some Crucial Tips.

Getting that Dream Job You might have gone for myriad interviews but that doesn’t make you an expert. In fact, if you are going for interviews and only receiving a casual regret, you are doing som.

Student Competitions Announces the Winners of its First University Competition in Singapore

November 2014 Stockholm, Sweden - Student Competitions’ first competition in Singapore concludes with the winner of the Innovate @ Lund Challenge announced and awarded.

3 Types of Food to Avoid During Examination Period

Previously, Student Competitions came up with a list of foods that are superfoods for the brain, now we want to let you know about our findings for what to avoid! Forget about the ones that general.

Winners Announcement for the Maritim Trainee Challenge 2014

November 2014 Stockholm, Sweden - This year’s Maritim Trainee Challenge is officially over, with Tore Stang from Norwegian University of Science and Technology chosen as the winner. In the comp.

Top 4 Innovation Competitions - November 2014

Si può resistere all’invasione degli eserciti, ma non a quella delle idee.

Korea Talent Race: Five Swedish universities hunt for Korean talents

Korea Talent Race: Five Swedish universities hunt for Korean talents

3 Ways for Competitions to Lead to Financial Incentives

Win It The most obvious and direct way to receiving a financial incentive is to win one. There are numerous student competitions, organized by big corporations, calling for brilliant ideas or so.

Europe: Top 5 industries to look out for in 2015

Many countries are vying to recover from the Great depression of the century – and overcome the turmoil generated over the extreme financial and economic meltdown. Europe needs to .

Go Green in the City 2015 is open for participation

September 2014 - In co-operation with Sqore, global energy management leader, Schneider Electric, opens its doors once again for the fifth edition of Go Green in the City.

Top 4 Engineering Competitions - November 2014

Stockholm Solar Challenge Solar Energy is becoming a big issue nowadays especially when there is a lot of focus on renewable and green energy! Check out the Stockholm Solar Challenge where by you .

Denmark-India Innovation Challenge and Denmark-India Business Challenge - Winners Announcement

The winners were announced on October and were awarded during an exciting prize event in Bangalore on November 7 and in Delhi on November During the prize event the winners had a chance to .

4 Study Tips for the Undergraduates

The examination period is coming up again for many university students and we know that examination periods are difficult, coupled with deadlines for projects and presentations. That is the realit.

Winner of Brazilian Competition Awarded with Grand Prize Excursion to Sweden

November 2014 Representatives from both partner companies of the competition, SAAB and Chalmers University of Technology, were present during the event. Also in attendance was the Swedish Ambas.