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i love him sm aaaaa // also everythinf in my life is getting worse im like. rlly sad all the time so i might be goinf to thr hospital so i dont off myself lol i have no where 2 vent so jm doing it here Bye

#wattpad #de-todo Jeon Jungkook y Min Yoon Gi son pareja lo dice en el segundo y primer testamento. ©stillmin portada hecha por; @coldbaes ¡!

Can someone tell me WHO THE F IS HUGGING SUGA? Repost it and write it under if you know. I was trying to find it for half an hour. Because if it's Hoseok I'm crying tonight. K bye <---- it's jungkookie who is hugging suga

Sincerely laughing yoongi is the best thing in the world

He laughed til he fell over and this is coming from a guy who usually laughs silently! ^^ only bangtan can do this