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Thick & Zesty Homemade Pizza Sauce

Does your family love pizza? Mine does. This is a family favorite recipe made from scratch. Made with fresh tomatoes and spices, it will become a family favorite too. Low carb, gluten free, easy to make homemade recipe. Feel good about serving pizza to your family!

Coconut Curry Chicken Recipe - Salu Salo Recipes

97 reviews
70 minutes

This coconut curry chicken is made using chunks of chicken breasts. The sauce is made of tomato, curry powder, onions and coconut milk.

Recipe: Durban Chicken Curry

115 reviews
65 minutes

This simple Durban chicken curry recipe is the perfect introduction to South African Indian cuisine, which boasts the best tasting curries in the world.

Chicken Shrimp and Okra Gumbo - Immaculate Bites

Chicken Shrimp and Okra Gumbo- Easy Gumbo done right! With rich authentic flavors and incredibly delicious taste. This southern dish will have your family begging for more. When it comes to the cuisine of the American South, you can’t get much more authentic than Gumbo. A heart-warming soul-pleasing dish that gets you hooked ... View More

Cabbage with Ribs

This mouthwatering Cabbage with Ribs recipe is a life-changer! Delicious cabbage stewed, and then baked to perfection with tender and succulent ribs.

Coconut Lamb Curry (Paleo, Whole30) - Irena Macri | Food Fit For Life

23 reviews
2 hours

This hearty coconut lamb curry recipe is a bit of a fusion but is primarily Indian in flavour. It's easy to make, and is great for freezing and leftovers.

Cape Malay Mince Curry

A quick and easy to make, Cape Malay Mince Curry is one of the most commonly eaten curries in South Africa. Typically eaten with rice, mince curry is also often used as a filling in rotis and vetko…

South African Curry and Rice - aninas recipes

South African Curry and Rice, that consists of slow cooked beef mince in a sweet and spicy curry sauce, with perfectly cooked carrots and potatoes.

Chakalaka - Immaculate Bites

Chakalaka- a refreshing spicy tomato bean relish that will provoke your taste bud.

South African chutney chicken

Top chicken thighs with garlic, chilli and mango chutney for an easy meal that takes just 5 minutes to prep - then simply roast in the oven

Doro Wat ~ Ethiopian Chicken Stew #FoodOfTheWorld - MySpicyKitchen

This month Food of the World is traveling from West African nation of Senegal to Northeast African nation of Ethiopia. Ethiopia shares a border with other African nations Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Kenya. It’s capital is the largest city in the country, Addis Ababa. The best known Ethiopian food is injera, a...

African Rice and Beans Recipe | Yummly

1 review
40 minutes

good, very good i modified it by adding potatoes.

Moroccan Meatballs Tagine Recipe

Morrocan Meatballs | Whether you use lamb or beef in this recipe is purely at your own discretion. Good quality beef mince is less fatty and cheaper than lamb mince and a little easier to come by. However, if you have the means and the inclination, lamb is probably the more authentic and distinctive choice. | From: