Kitchen in Södermalm.

Veckans utvalda / Selected Interiors #27

Living room in Döbelnsgatan. Via Fantastic Frank.

Veckans utvalda / Selected Interiors #31

Sarpaneva cast iron pot and Nappula candleholders by Iittala. From the blog Time of the Aquarius.

Nappula brass candleholders, Sarpaneva cast iron pot, Teema plates, square dish and pitcher, Sarjaton glass. Via Time of the Aquarius.

Laivalyhty  Light

Stelton Ship's Lamp Design: Erik Magnussen in 1982 Manufactured by Stelton Dimensions (in): x in Stelton's ship's lamp in satin polished stainless steel is the classic ship's lamp in an updat

Lintulauta  Bird feeding station

The Eva Solo Hanging Bird Feeder is made from mouth-blown glass and designed to withstand wind, weather and beating wings. It can easily be suspended from bushe

Paperipussi-maljakko 18 cm, valkoinen  __VASE__

A suitable dining table is one of the most essential pieces of furniture in your home. It is where you eat, do your homework, spend time with friends and family and so much more.

incredible reading nook

Hi Glitter Girls! Mitchell here from Dear Marguerite with some inspiration on how to give your bookshelf a gorgeous makeover. Forget boring stacks of books – a case is not just for storage. Shelves can be a beautiful space…

Nordic Light kynttil�njalka, valkoinen

The Nordic Light Candelabra was created by Jonas Grundell for Design House Stockholm. The Nordic Light Candelabra by Design House Stockholm is a true artist.

Grilli, 49 cm  --Grill--

Eva Solo grill is made especially for people who value unique design and quality. Now you can forget the monster grill that spoils the view in your garden.