I do not want to be someone who just doesn't give a damn! I try hard to give damns and give them well! :) And I want to be surrounded by people who give many damns too!


Yea I know how you feel, we all do. it's what you chose so be happy with Mrs. Saggy Wrinkles that hates you!

What life sometimes feels like... Know there is ALWAYS light beyond the darkness <3

I feel like I am drowning in myself. The pain is all over and it doest physically hurt it has seeped into my being. I feel like I have been through a hundred lifetimes and I am only

mood: sadness if you think they're waiting, strength if you think they're together // aoki tetsuo

Creative works by Japanese artist and illustrator Aoki Tetsuo. Check out more illustrations by Aoki Tetsuo available as art prints here. (via weandthecolor:)