Underwear History

Pictures and extant examples of underwear throughout the history. Used to clarify my article on Viking age underwear: http://vikingageclothing.susannabroome.se/2014/11/30/underwear/
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Foundations of history: This bra was discovered hidden in a vault at Lengberg Castle in East Tyrol and is thought to date back to the 15th century

Found in a castle vault, the scraps of lace that show lingerie was all the rage 500 years ago

archaeologists find world's oldest bra in Austria dated between A. 1390 and much looks like how mine has to get before I bother to buy a new one.

Underpants of Svante Stures murdered in 1567 are now located in © Museum Uppsala, Sweden

Underpants, c. Historians credit the rise of the use of underwear (which increased dramatically around with the popularity of paper making. More underwear meant more rags, which lead to cheaper paper.

Underpants found in Lengberg castle, the end of 15th century (ca 1480 ?), University of Innsbruck, photo University of Innsbruck

Linen pants found at Lengberg Castle © Beatrix Nutz Looks rather like a modern string bikini, but is it mens or womens attire?

Lingerie, Met Museum, 1920s

Lingerie, Met Museum, - this is so sweet, and it really struck me how amusing it would be for the original owners of these to know their old knickers are in the Met museum!

A bathing woman in underwear. Bohemian, late 14th or early 15th century    From Codices vindobonenses 2759-2764 in the Osterreichischen Nationalbibliothek, in Vienna, Austria

A bathing woman in underwear. Bohemian, late or early century From Codices vindobonenses in the Osterreichischen Nationalbibliothek, in Vienna, Austria:

fresco at Castello di Manta, c. 1411

A woman and another woman by the Fountain of Youth, from a fresco c. 1411 at the Castello di Manta- in 1400 or 2014 hot tub madness is part of the madness of youth

Medieval Silkwork: Medieval supportive underwear. good blog post about the austrian fitted bust underwear!

"""""Deventer Burgerscap: Making my bra-shirt part II"""""" ----> A sleeveless kirtle that lifts and separates instead of smushes. Use Lengberg construction on top. Can wear under linen overdress.