weld - natural dyeing by irit dulman - Weld signifie soude - belles tonalités

Makes a lovely yellow magickal ink by dissolving it in alcohol.

Wool dyed with madder root - this is a great Polish blog about spinning and using natural dyes

Wool dyed with madder root

I'm interested in growing woad and indigo plants just to make a small amount of dye for my homespun yarn. extracting pigment from woad leaves

extracting pigment from woad leaves. This summer I hopefully will have nice woad plants in my garden.

Natural dyeing: Weld

Natural dyeing: Weld

Fresh madder roots after washing

Madder root used in fermentation dye process.

Weld. Various mordants and modifiers. The page has similar colours from dyer's broom too.

Anglo-Saxon dyes - weld and dyer's broom - Jenny Dean's Wild Colour

Dyers's Chamomile dyed wool. Green is overdyed with woad. #kamille #natuurlijkeverf

Dyer's Chamomile: From Left to Right 100 gm of flowers – pale yellow 200 gm of flowers – yellow 300 gm of flowers – medium yellow 400 gm of flowers – dark yellow 200 gm of flowers + ½ tsp chalk – dark yellow 200 gm of flowers - overdyed with woad

Weld.  Everything you ever wanted to know about weld.

Weld (Reseda luteola), the best source of fast yellows

Growing and dyeing w weld

Home-grown Weld

dyeing with homegrown weld

Genista tinctoria Dyers Broom ground cover 30 seeds by SmartSeeds

Genista is a fluffy groundcover with tiny yellow flowers that bloom all spring and summer. It hugs the ground - high, across, covers rocky hillsides with brilliant yellow pea flowers all summer

alpenglowyarn has a detailed blog entry about experimenting with homegrown weld.

L to R: Dyeing with weld Home-grown flowers Home-grown small stalks European dried weld Home-grown leaves Home-grown large stalks

weld -dye plant

weld -dye plant (makes yellow)

Genista tinctoria  Dyer's Broom

Binding together, fixes nitrogen, may be associated with besoms, yellow dye. Probably not terribly edible but probably not horribly poisonous.

Färgkulla - a site in Swedish for buying dyeing plants for your garden

Färgkulla - a site in Swedish for buying dyeing plants for your garden

Planting Dyer's Broom

Planting Dyer's Broom