The ladies of the Swedish Royal Family dressed in traditional folk costume for the celebration of National Day on June 6, 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden. HRH Queen Silvja and HRH Crown Princess Victoria are wearing the white hats customary of married woman; Princess Madeleine is not as she was not yet married at the time.

From the left : Princess Madeleine , Crownprincess Victoria with daughter Estelle and Queen Silvia of Sweden in Swedish national folk costume

Fika is both a Swedish verb and noun (pronounced "fee-ka") that roughly means "to drink coffee/tea/squash," usually accompanied by something sweet.

Olson, your past pin inspired me. I think i need to make a Fika corner in my kitchen! Let's Fika, y'all.

svensk midsommar...

there's no Swedish midsummer without dancing around this midsummer icon - the maypole. I bet I could make this out of our lamp-post.

FIKA  Swedish Poster Print  Kitchen Art by HomePosters on Etsy,

FIKA - Swedish Poster - enjoying good coffee, good friends, and perhaps a sweet treat together.

Swedish traditions by Jan-Öjvind Swahn

The author Jan-Öjvind Swahn has written this very personal, informative and entertaining presentation of typical Swedish customs and traditi.

Midsummer day simply refers to the period of time centered upon the summer solstice, but more often refers to specific European celebrations that accompany the actual solstice, or that take place on a day between June 21 and June 24, and the preceding evening. The exact dates vary between different cultures. Midsummer is especially important in the cultures of Scandinavia and Latvia where it is the most celebrated holiday apart from Christmas.

-The Midsummer festival- This spirited event is based off of the summer solstice in Northern Europe. Sweden, in particular, highlights the June festivities with maypoles, music, and feasts!

Det bästa av Sverige - typiskt svenskt. A3 poster (30x42 cm)

Part of our new Swedish Icon collection - The Best of Sweden! Lots of typical Swedish things. such as Falukorv, crayfish, cinnamon bun,