Gokväll.. så kul! Har fått många kommentarer senaste dagarna om mitt uterum sen jag la ut en bild för några dagar sedan.. Har lovat att v...

Color will be a HUGE factor? House will stay a pale yellow. Everything else is up for change. Window trim, stairs, railings and all decorative woodwork (flower boxes), Also flower pots and furniture.


What if you stopped thinking of your backyard as a tiny bit of lawn, trapped by a fence, and instead began thinking of it as an outdoor room, with dirt for a floor and the sky for a ceiling

DIY Outdoor Table

2 pallets + 3 pavers + white paint = a great outdoor shelf, bar or garden table. This is inexpensive, easy and handy. Share to keep it on your wall for future reference.

Så skapar du en mysig uteplats | Fixaodona.se

Backyard with canopy of twinkle lights and wooden dining table with mismatched chairs, pink flowers - Sarah Widman + Cuprinol - fixaodona.

Friggebod som kan vara gästhus eller poolhus.

Friggebod som kan vara gästhus eller poolhus.