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Mixed material mosaic walkway. This would look great leading up to your Bohemian home! #boho #decor #outside

Who doesn't want a beautiful path to walk on through their garden? Check out these 25 beautiful ideas for garden paths you will want in your garden!

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Now THIS is the kind of tub I want!-D -- The master bathroom. A blue-green mosaic-inspired bath, reminiscent of a rock pool, sits under the natural illumination of a skylight. A large wooden stool provides a seat for grooming.- this is a beautiful tub.

Just incredible!

Funny pictures about Awesome indoor tree. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome indoor tree. Also, Awesome indoor tree.

16 beautiful Earthship designs that are out of this world!

Earthen Home w round Window lighting textures of structure's form, dispersed small accent lights about Interior & window light showing large floor tiles. a surprisingly ethereal effect on the Mushroom House.

Miscanthus sinensis Kleine Fontaine & Aster Calliope in autumn fall garden planting combination, ornamental grass and flowers

Canna x generalis ‘Praetoria’ (‘Bengal Tiger’) & Bassia scoporia, Cosmos sulphureus 'Polidor', planting combination, variegated foliage leaves, orange and yellow and green hot color combination theme of annual and tender tropical plants together

Blue Wood Sedge (Carex flaccosperma) Short 6-10" Powdery blue-green leaves Mostly sunny to full shade Ok in clay soils

blue/ silver for shade? Carex flaccosperma --- Blue Wood Sedge is a handsome grass for edging or filling in. Great with silver or purple foliage plants. Tolerates full shade, damp, or clay soil.

Oehme Van Sweden drought tolerant demonstration garden with grasses and agave at Cornerstone

Those look like olive trees? Grasses and agaves -- a drought-tolerant alternative to lawn in hot, dry climates. Oehme Van Sweden drought tolerant demonstration garden with grasses and agave at Cornerstone.