The Design Chaser: String Shelf, grey wall + linen bedding

The Design Chaser: String Shelf, grey wall + linen bedding If i ever have to lose my desk this would be fine on the vanity wall


Fiskebaren by Space - Architecture & Interior Design Yellow in the office. string system black white interior design office UOL E.

One day, the Bird Trouble studio/office will look this great!    office organization // photo by Petra Bindel

Add Some Warmth: 12 Plywood Interiors \\\ Photo by Petra Bindel. Plywood is the perfect medium for an office; this one is outfitted with units by String Shelving.

string—eva torkelson

When teaching set design at Beckmans College of design in Stockholm, String Furniture's set designer Lotta Agaton gave her students the assignment to style a String Pocket. This is the work of Eva Torkelson.

So many great ideas here. Shelf space above a radiator. Even though that plant probably wouldn't like the heat when it came on. But also the wall mount light leaves more floor space for other things or just plain space:)

Crisp, clean, white makes small spaces seem bigger and brighter. I love how even the radiator is clean and white. Pair this with an awesome book shelve and it provides character to an otherwise boring room!

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