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Pictures of Timber Decks, Screens, Fences - Canny Living


For the decoration lovers, here is an idea for decorating the home in a unique way with the repurposed wood pallet planter in which the flower of different colors can be placed for the appealing look. There are 3 layers in the planter and as many planters

Blomlåda med hjul.

It feels wonderful having a beautiful patio or backyard garden, but you still need some privacy on your own home. That's why it's necessary to have an outdoor privacy screen.

Grønne fingrer! (Interiør Blogg - Villa Paprika)

Grønne fingrer! (Interiør Blogg - Villa Paprika)

I could to this in my garden, we have so many stones lying around.

Skydd för soptunnor

AM Dreamhouse: Gräsmatta och "garage" till soptunnorna

Down the back of the garden to cover the back fence and pine trees

Ide til læ

Vägg och spaljé med ram i trä och vajrar

Cable wires mounted between fence posts create a sturdy support for climbing plants providing privacy for your patio.

kokstradgard_efter - Sara Bakar

kokstradgard_efter - Sara Bakar

Trärena nya pallkragebäddar med spaljéer

Like the look of these over typical trellis for vertical growing. perfect for small gardens where there isn't much space - grow upwards instead of out! - I like the idea of zig zag raised beds :)

AM Dreamhouse: Gräsmatta och "garage" till soptunnorna

for around by the air con, gas bottles & bins.

Almbacken: Skjul i trädgården är både snyggt och praktiskt

Almbacken: Shed in the garden is both stylish and practical

Formaler Garten

This garden was created by Ludo Dierckx , Belgian landscape for a client of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The use of white flowers , along with lavender and buxinhos convey elegance to the design.

Jag har märkt att det är många som söker på spaljéer av armeringsjärn som hamnar på min blogg. Jag har tre stycken väggar av armeringsjärn i...

The Tages garden: Trellis rebar

A great design for an herb garden or plants with medicinal uses grouped by category in each wedge

Round garden with stepping stones - herb garden idea



What is the tall trucked tree above the hydrangea? That's what we need to plant!


High fence towards the neighbor.