Swedish cupboard bed--I  love the bed up high and everything else accessible instead of the bed hogging the room making everything else hard to get to.

Scandinavian cupboard bed in The historic home of Painter Karen Jenson in Milan Minnesota.

why can't I live in the New England woods (actually, I think this is Sweden, but to me it read Vt.)

A typical Swedish cottage. Painted red with the traditional Falu Red paint. Today these types of old houses are normally used as summer houses. You will find more than 500 000 cottages like this one around Sweden. Preferably close to the coast.

Swedish houses

Kalmar, Sweden small old barn red houses along a cobbled street - going there this summer!

Swedish Cottage Birdhouse. Birdhouse? Sweden? I think this was made for me!

Home Bazaar Classic Series Swedish Cottage Bird House This Home Bazaar bird house is offered in a red finish.

Korsgården Falun, Bryggstigen 4, ursprung 1870

Korsgården Falun, Bryggstigen ursprung My Swedish ancestors on the Carlson side were from Falun.

Magical Sweden by clickpix

Sweden - I love the typical red stuga with black roof. They are all over the coast - tiny little houses with just enough room to sleep. Usually these were summer homes, left empty during the winter.


Rustic Scandinavian House With Character interior design Scandinavian Rustic House Character