Tverrfjellhytta, Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion – Snøhetta.

Tverrfjellhytta, Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion, at Hjerkinn on the outskirts of Dovrefjell National Park, overlooking the mountain Snøhetta. By the architects Snøhetta Oslo AS. Loads more photos on the page too.


Timrarö Vacation House / Sandell Sandberg

Image 6 of 12 from gallery of Timrarö Vacation House / Sandell Sandberg. Photograph by Magnus Östh

Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre – Snøhetta.

With its streamlined, organic form enhancing its welcoming ethos, the latest Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre in Aberdeen, designed by Snøhetta, is a worthy winner of this year’s Small Project of the Year Building Award