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The caracal, also known as the desert lynx, is a wild cat that is widely distributed across Africa, central Asia and southwest Asia into India. The word caracal is derived from the Turkish words "kara kulak," which means "black ear.

☀Mountain Lion Cub

Mountain Lion Cub Wandering Close Near the Den. Almost the Same Color as the Rocks; (by Walter Nussbaumer).

snow leopard pouncer :)

Snow leopard cub Everest plays with his mom Sarani during a snowstorm in November. Can we say that his photos were the most popular in this album? — at Brookfield Zoo.

Blondie : (Tony Beck)

Blondie : (Tony Beck) Antarctic Fur Seal pup sits on a beach - South Georgia, South Atlantic Aw thanks Mum for sending me this, I adore Seals 💜