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I am 37 years. Strong, 178 cm tall, 75 kilo. Have always disliked men. Ex con. Spent six years in jail because of a man and after that another two years.
Sylvia Andersson
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London Mistress Cara is a beautiful, mature Dominatrix based in South West London. Bow to your London Mistress now!

Paul kept on going in the dress up box as a kid always picking out the princess dress, but the love of dresses didn’t wear off with age, so his mother bought him an outfit similar to the one she wore.

With perseverance and proper maid training, you'll be aiming to bring your pansy out of the closet. As her self-acceptance grows, hold parties with open-minded friends where you can show off her new look and domestic skills. Once she's been seen in nylons, a pretty uniform and high heels there's no going back - in fact, to spare her embarrassment at your reveal she'll want to appear as feminine as possible in order to normalise the event, but don't let her miss any teasing at being a sissy.

It wasn't an easy dinner party, with my brother, sister-in-law and niece around for the first time since i became the house-husband.

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Working hard for his wife:)

I like the term: creating. dominiqueq: “ One of the big benefits of creating a gurl…… I can’t remember when I last had to do any ironing…… ”

jennifer-sissycuckold:wow! its always exciting to be sissy for my wife but the first time is just that little bit extra special!

its always exciting to be sissy for my wife but the first time is just that little bit extra special!

I'm working!

if You’re a Mistress, and You need service from a well mannered sissy girl, by all means let me know how I may best serve You.

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