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What Africa might look like if it had never been colonized 40 more maps that explain the world - The Washington Post

MAP - African ethnic groups map - Compare to modern map where many country's boundaries were drawn by colonialist, often with the intention of creating inner conflict to minimize political power (see King Leopold for example).

ELIZABETH RUSSELL (October 1575-July 1600) Elizabeth Russell was the elder daughter of Lord John Russell (d.1584) and Elizabeth Cooke (c.1528-May 1609). She is said to have been born within the precincts of Westminster Abbey, where the Dean had given her mother permission to take refuge from an outbreak of the plague. Queen Elizabeth I was her godmother. At nineteen, she went to court as a maid of honor. Buried in Westminster Abbey, she is shown asleep sitting up, one foot resting on a…

Grave Marker- Lady Russell's tomb, Westminster Abbey--she died from the prick of a needle as a punishment for working on Sunday. Bit harsh, that. Love how her expression is like, "Really, guys?

Richard II Is Deposed: Henry IV Becomes King of England Richard and Henry were cousins and childhood friends. All that changed in 1399 after the death of Henry's father, John of Gaunt. Henry soon found himself exiled in France but gained the support of the Duke of Orleans to take the English throne for himself.

The Coronation of Henry IV Plantagenet, King of England from Century Manuscript of Jean Froissarts Chronicles: My GGF

Tollund Man (Silkeborg, Denmark) is the world's best preserved bog mummy. He died around 350 BC - early iron age and was discovered in 1950 by the Højgård brothers. Burried under 2 meters of peat, his body arranged in a fetal position. The approximately 40-year old man wore a pointed leather cap made of sheepskin and a belt around his hips and was otherwise naked. Around his neck was a tightly drawn noose made of plaited animal hide. Tollund Man died by hanging.

Tollund Man - Iron Age "bog person" preserved for over years in the peat bogs of Tollund, Denmark. It is thought he was hanged as part of a ritual sacrifice, possibly to appease the fertility gods.

Queen Elizabeth I was a user of ceruse, a mixture of white lead and vinegar that was applied to the face to make the skin appear paler. It is widely believed the queen died of blood poisoning at the age of 70 in 1603, possibly caused by the noxious 'Mask of Youth'.

This portrait of Queen Elizabeth I is by an unknown artist and is from the period Is there proof the Virgin Queen was an imposter in drag? New theory about Elizabeth I unearthed in historic manuscripts.

A relief from a staircase at the Boleyn family's estate, Blickling Hall, showing Anne Boleyn's daughter, Queen Elizabeth I. Image by YorkieBen, via Flickr.

relief from staircase at Blickling Hall: Queen Elizabeth I

Utnapishtim, from the Mesopotamian flood myth. The biblical Noah is an analog of Utnapishtim, though the Sumerian/ Mesopotamian/Babylonian deluge story was written long before the Noah of the Torah.

Sumerian Utnapishtim - from the Sumerian flood myth. The biblical Noah is an analog of Utnapishtim, though the Sumerian deluge story was written long before the Noah of the Torah.