Cuisine avec une touche de couleur / kitchen styling..

Cuisine avec une touche de couleur / kitchen styling - Teal and white kitchen, I love the mid-century table, the teal painted chairs, and that hanging light.

styling // Susanna Vento  photo // Kristiina Kurronen  deko.

Tio table by Massproductions, Mass Light pendant by AndTradition. Styling by Susanna Vento, photo by Kristiina Kurronen.


Behind the interior design of this house at the Housing fairs in Kokkola stands talented Finnish stylist Susanna Vento, who I& written about earlier here and here.


Industrial style: colorful water pipe hanger by Nick Fraser, Armas Design \ Pitcher, Peroba \ Hyvä teko kitchen brush and cotton towels, Mariankadun Olkkari.

Interior design + blanket design for Novita.

Like: wall color, simple bed no headboard, wooden stool, chevron blanket. so, everything!


Love this clipboard wall—such a great idea for a home office. Dedicate each clipboard to a different client/project

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