"So how was your day? "I made it through the day without beating anyone with a chair. I'd say my people skills are improving" Jess said smiling. They just laughed at all the people staring at them.

Lol! That person would be my mother. She will just randomly stop in front of you like she ran out of batteries or something.

It only takes one slow walking person in the grocery store to destroy the illusion that I'm a nice person.


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35 Funny Quotes You're Going To Love

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Absolutely not qualified!

I'm always forced to do shit I'm not qualified for. Like being nice to fucking idiots.

Haha..not me at all..but this is funny!

My housekeeping style is best described as, "There appears to have been a struggle." Yes, especially with laundry.

Rebel Circus

That's Patti there's nothing worse on Earth but to be called a female asshole. That chick IS AN ASSHOLE!

I’m Sorry I Called You An Asshole, I Thought You Knew Round Magnet

I’m Sorry I Called You An Asshole, I Thought You Knew. and nobody is sorrier about it than me.

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