Eat More Vegetarian

As vegetarian food should be: good for mind, body and nature - making it easy to be healthy.
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Banana coconut and lemon cakes - only 3 ingredients

Using only 3 ingredients make these cookies extremely easy to bake. They are also light and the lemon peel gives a real freshness. Lemon peel can be swapped for cinnamon, cardamon or dried fruit.

Warm coconut shake with berries, cinnamon and turmeric LCHF style

Varm kokosnötshake med bär, kanel och gurkmeja i LCHF stil

Vegetarian thoughts #4

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Vegetarian thoughts #2

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Ghee - ayurvedic purified yoga butter

Ghee is clarified butter and often used in India and South Asia. According to yoga ghee is sāttvik food and good for your body. Ghee is also used in ayurvedic food.

Juicing basics - getting started with juicing

Juicing is easy to get started with. All you need to do is to take your favourite vegetables and put them through a juicer and off you go. There is no doubt that eating more fruit and vegetables is…

Vegetarian thoughts #3

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Ginger biscuits with oats and banana

Biscuits do not have to be loaded with sugar and unhealthy fat. They are quite rich in fiber and are spiced with a big measure of ginger.

2-in-1: Celery, carrot and parsley juice and burgers

This juice really tastes of fresh parsley – in a very nice way. Makes 300 ml / pint of juice in a juice press. Ingredients 150 ml / cup parsley 3 celery sticks 3 carrots apple Tak…

Coconut chocolate cookies - without dairy or flour

These dairy and milk free cookies are incredibly easy to make. You can swap the chocolate for dried fruit for variation.