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How To Knit An Infinity Scarf On A Loom - Click on the picture to see the full tutorial! :)

How To Knit An Infinity Scarf On A Loom – Cute DIY Projects

Knitting is definitely one of the most relaxing and pleasant activities you can enjoy in your spare time, and if you do not want to go to professional knitting classes, then you should know that the Internet will become your next best friend! There are countless knitting tutorials and How To’s available online, but perhaps …

Knifty Knitter Chihuahua or Small Dog Sweater Instructions.

This sweater is not my original creation, but I have used it to make sweaters for our daughter's Chihuahua, Bean. I found this KK Chihuahua sweater pattern on a forum for Chihuahua owners. Knifty Knitter Chihuahua Sweater Pattern By: Goldie I wrapped the yarn very loosely around the pegs. I actually started with the red ring (one ring up from the smallest), and it was too big. If your doggy is 4-6 lbs., the small jig with a normal weight yarn, normally wrapped, should work great. When I got…

20 Loom Knitting that are Easy for Beginners - Ideal Me

20 Loom Knitting that are Easy for Beginners Knitting can seem intimidating and scary to someone who hasn’t done it before. And while it just takes practice, if you’re a beginner, you might feel more comfortable starting with another option. Here are 20 Loom Knitting Projects for Beginners. Looms have made it easier than everRead More »

I-Cord Knitting Patterns

If you’re looking for the most portable, stash-busting, easy project, then I-cords are for you. Knitting i-cords only uses two double-pointed needles (no knitting in the round though!), scraps of yarn (for most projects), and knit stitches, usually only a few per row. But what do you do with them after you knit them if you aren’t attaching them to a purse or booties? Here are several great ideas. Many of the patterns are free

Get the Best Start Loom Knitting with Answers to These 13 Questions

I wish I'd asked these questions a decade ago when I first picked up a loom. Get the best start loom knitting by learning from my mistakes.

homemade@myplace: Knitted party favours!!!!

Knitted party favours!!!!

As someone of you know, my "little" son Tobia turned 10 last monday (here) and today we had his B-party!!! For this occasion, some days ago I collected a pair of knitting needles and some balls of colourful yarn... .....but to knit what?? Well, I'll show you through a nice amount of pictures taken during the w.i.p..... If you'd love to follow me in this yarn journey, please, you are all welcome!!! Grab a cuppa with you and relax... So.....aren't they fantastic??? Super easy to knit (and a…

Using a Lifeline

Every once in a while, even the best of knitters needs to fix a mistake. And sometimes unraveling the knitting a few rows is the best way t...

Loom Knit Mug Cozy Pattern (free!). Just in time for winter!!


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DIY weaving loom

DIY weaving loom by kasrin.knackebrot on

How to Knit a Bag on a Loom |

Bump up your crafting finesse by knitting an impressive striped tote -- using a simple beginner stitch. | Express Your Creativity!

Craftsy is your online resource for all creative makers, where you can find everything you need – from basic instruction to advanced techniques.

Kitty Cat Beanie

this hat is worked in the round from the top down. the pattern uses 1 strand of worsted weight yarn on a 48peg 5/8 gauge loom. this hat can be made on other gauges of looms, simply adjust the type of yarn for looms with a larger gauge peg spacing.

tutorial breiring: Zomerse sjaal in Diamant steek (english notes)

Een sjaal breien met de diamant-steek. Beginner-vriendelijk! Het geschreven patroon kun je in het filmpje terugvinden. Happy knitting :) Steken opzetten met ...